JAMES L NELSONS GUIDE TO MAKING THE GREATEST WEBCOMIC. Follow these steps to become the best

  1. Make the main character a quirky guy. He’s rude and offensive and annoying but he’s also right all the time and if you as the author insist that he is entertaining then he is. In screenwritings this is what is called the comic reliefs character. If your main character is NOT a quirky guy, create a quirky guy and just have him slowly absorb all the screen time. Now people may compare your hilarious character to Deadpool. Or Peter Griffin. Or Jar Jar Binks. These people are liars who cannot see your originality. This quirk boy isn’t based on those lame-o characters, he’s based on you. Because you are the best and most entertaining.

  2. Diversity is key, so add one girl. Make her strong, but not TOO strong ya sjw trash. She will fall for the quirky man even though she rolls her eyes at him. OPPOSITES ATTRACT is how it works. Have her pump out a kid or two and then she can die to show that nobody in the cast is safe. Blammo, instant audience investment. Edge-of-seat shit right there.

3.That hero that wasn’t the quirky guy? might as well kill him too tbh

  1. The antagonist is key, make him Depression. No, not a metaphor for depression, make him a literal fucking shadow that makes people depressed. It will be sad, also groundbreaking

  2. Alternately, because differing morality is still tough to grasp and you don’t want to be problematic, just put on the training wheels and make your villain a rapist or a racist. Or double down and make them both of these things. Remember that the villain must repeatedly brag about how much they hate women and minorities and must go into great detail about their actions. you know, like how they act in real life. This will be tough to write because you’re a good person™ who has trouble processing fiction vs. real life but I believe in you.

  3. Don’t know why a person is evil? Did you forget what a motivation is? Don’t worry, you can still fix this. Look up “sociopath” on wikipedia. It’s the only research you’ll ever need. You can thank me later.

  4. Remember to make your characters sad or i’ll forget to care about them.

  5. Alternatively make nothing happen so I won’t get too sad. it’s either one or the other

  6. That one good character? They were evil all along. BOOM.