The current chapter of Monster Lands, “Fight”, features the Destructor as the main antagonist (at first anyways). ┬áThe Destructor is a fairly direct character and initially seems like a comical villain, but there are slight hints at some inner goodness to make his character development more believable.

Before he shows up in “Fight”, The Destructor shows up in the chapter called… “The Destructor”. Very indicative. It gives a basic rundown of his personality, which isn’t too deep. He just loves to fight. But what he does do speaks just as loudly about his character as what he DOESN’T do.

The whole punchline of the 4 page chapter is based on a miscommunication between The Destructor and Crimson Sally. She’s obviously implying that she’ll have sex with him if he saves her from the castle but he assumes the reward she’s offering is a fight. While he’s clearly disappointed, he doesn’t take his frustration out on her and politely leaves through the wall, heading to Castle Lorry next. So the Destructor is destructive but not intentionally malicious at heart. A few readers thought the punchline would be him brutally murdering her. What the fuck guys.

This trait is shown again when The Destructor encounters Marcus.

He outright disobeys Eren’s order to murder some guy who clearly can’t fight back. This also shows another key trait: He’s not at all loyal to Eren. He just wants the fight she promised. That’s it. And because fighting is the one thing he really enjoys, the only character who manages to REALLY get him mad is Othera, specifically because she keeps doing things to delay the fight and mock him.

Othera basically tears down his worldview by seeing right through him and then beats him at the thing he’s good at(fighting!), and then tries to redirect his talents toward more constructive stuff… Like fighting evil people.

So those are the various story beats to show there might be more to The Destructor than he lets on, culminating in his switching sides. I hope you enjoyed this writing analysis. If I hit the $50 a month goal I’ll do these once a month, and it may not always be about Monster Lands if you’re interested in reading about some other media!