I’m back from Hurricane evacuation shenanigans and I’m ready to make some pages, boyos. But that’s not all! I have changed up the Patreon page to make the extra content more affordable to those of you who are interested. I’ve also added more goals to the page that, when reached, will let me make more content for EVERYONE, not just for certain Patron levels.

Among the changes:

-The price for accessing pinups has gone from $10 to $5.

-The price to see pages a week early has gone from $15 to $10.

-When I reach $50 total a month I’ll post an in-depth writing analysis every month about parts of Monster Lands where I’ll discuss the various themes, hints of foreshadowing, and character arcs at play. Writers should enjoy this. For an example of what this would be like, check this character breakdown I did on The Destructor here.

-When I reach $100 total a month I’ll resume the weekly sketches! They’ll be visible to everyone!

-When I reach $200 total a month I’ll do livestreams twice a month. Everyone can come on by and watch me draw!

-For $300 a month the holy grail will be reached. I’ll update twice a week.


If any of this interests you, my Patreon page can be found here